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Success is having the skills you need right now. Henry Ford
These capabilities, which Mr. Ford describes, are the core concept of the Fitnessclub Bodygym: Flexible training for a tighter work routine.

Social life is dominated by the hustle and bustle, strictly timed scheduling and the constant feeling of tension.

Where is the time for relaxation and health? The company Fitnessclub Bodygym developed the 24-hour concept for health and prevention precisely for this problem.

Flexible and relaxed training around the clock is the unique selling proposition (USP) of the corporate goal of the Fitness Club Bodygym is to meet the needs of the exercisers. to fulfill together at an optimal price-performance ratio. The topic of health is anchored in the consciousness of the German population:
According to a study by the BAT Foundation for Future Issues, health is an important determinant of quality of life for 98% of respondents. Looking at the healthcare market, the huge potential becomes apparent:
The annual total turnover of 4.7 billion euros and the more than nine million members in commercial fitness studios are enormous.

According to Deliotte, the number of commercial fitness equipment is expected to reach more than ten million people by 2017.

Due to the steady and constant increase (in 2010 the total sales volume was still 3.8 billion euros) the market proves to be stable. There are 8,026 fitness facilities in Germany by 2014 In 2015, the regional market of the city of Worms and the surrounding area comprises more than 82,000 persons, according to the statistical office of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Here, the company Fitness Club Bodygym would like to acquire its customers. This should be ensured by personal care of qualified specialists.
The increase in fitness and the reduction of everyday stress should significantly improve the quality of life. In the short term, the company relies on a rapid market entry, which not only secures the liquidity of the company in the medium and long term, but also the brand Fitness Club Bodygym sustainable manifested in the minds of consumers. These goals are to be achieved through efficient strategic management and highly qualified employees.
The company’s leadership has more than 10 years of work experience in the fitness and healthcare industry.
Unlike the competitive fitness companies that pursue a predatory strategy, the Fitness Club Bodygym is focusing on a growth strategy. This should be realized in the form of cooperations.


For the realization of this project 2,500,000 euros of external capital are calculated. These are u.a. needed for investment in property, renovation costs, equipment and start-up costs.
The anticipated total sales volume of the Worms site should amount to € 343,160 in the first financial year. In the second financial year this amounts to € 1,056,790.
The return on invest is expected to be achieved in the first financial year.

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