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In addition to products such as aerated concrete blocks, ceiling and roof systems, which we here once will make known in the Canary Islands (Tenerife), and in the course of the marketing strategy the other islands would supply.

We offer also other very important products in the area of new construction or renovation, which deals with the problem of salinization of the walls in our program.

Rainwater harvesting systems, as well as small sewage treatment plants, which guarantees a cleaning of waste water, can be used to produced water for the garden.

In addition to the main building products such as aerated concrete and the ceiling and roof systems we would not neglect of course our so far in offering services and would the building planned by us or an architect also building, and in this course any parties interested in our material further of course reaching, to guarantee to a further dissemination of the materials. Here we strive for in course of training on the a sample here aimed at products on Tenerife to build by we all components should be installed from our offer, and as a demonstration object for new customers.

This wastewater treatment system, rainwater systems, pipelines and sewers, the entire construction of the building, and completed with all artisanal trades offered by us from the. The completion of our offer includes also solar systems for domestic water use, as well as photovoltaic systems offers to the own electricity.

Our principle aim is here low energy houses to offer and to build, as well as to expand the distribution at national and international level.

Further articles for decoration and beautification of their own walls sandstone, which can also be used for facilities indoors for the reception halls and in the outdoor area, to make decorative elements with cotton cleaning and flexible.
Other products include E.g. Windows from Germany are supplied and installed by us in wood or PVC. We are supplying our bathtubs and shower systems the company Artweger from Austria to further complete the offer.
Our range is constantly expanding since we of course are not available here modern building materials in our program, the overall concept of the company to expand. Becomes also the import of quality, etc. not avoid items for the bathroom, bathroom fixtures, kitchen, high quality tiles, porcelain.

The outstanding properties of the construction materials ensures an easier handling with the materials as well as a healthy living environment the customers and processors

We offer with the houses built by us if required of the owner in our real estate Division, because we with have entered the property management, sales and marketing in the form of our society, so that we are able through our website and application in the individual portals the objects with a good conscience as a building with quality material prices on can.

We through our many years of experience dealing with the construction chemicals know is also a concern of our company of the professional implementation of renovation of the building damage done and the owners and operators of apartment buildings, private homes, public buildings one preserving the value of the object to guarantee.

Here, an amount of 600,000 euros is needed for the first step of the business expansion.

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